Anne Steinemann, Ph.D.

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Anne C. Steinemann, Ph.D.

Dr. Anne Steinemann is a world-renowned scientist and professor of engineering. She is an acclaimed internationally recognized expert on pollutant exposures and associated health effects, including topics of indoor air quality, consumer product testing and evaluation, exposure assessment, and healthy homes and communities. Anne has advised governments and industries around the world. Her work has brought about new legislation, policies, and practices at more than one hundred agencies, industries, and institutions worldwide.

As a lifelong Catholic, Anne’s tireless outreach ministries over the decades have touched countless lives, including the homeless, prisoners, students, the disabled, refugees, and many more. Throughout the years, Anne wrote down many of her spiritual insights and reflections, which she published in two inspirational booklets, Love is Like the Universe (Christmas 2021) and Flying on the Wings of the Angels of Love (Easter 2022). Anne’s little books of uplifting maxims are treasure troves of timeless spiritual truths.

Newly published, August 2023: Love is Like the Universe: Special Edition. Includes Love is Like the Universe, Flying on the Wings of the Angels of Love, and a biographical section that recounts Catholic social missionary Anne Steinemann’s extraordinary life and her ongoing ministries.
Kindle edition now available on Amazon.
-Paperback edition now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

April 2022: Sky Parlor Publications is proud to launch with the publication of Dr. Anne Steinemann’s Flying on the Wings of the Angels of Love, now available on Amazon (paperback edition).

image of book cover Flying on the Wings of the Angels of Love

From John R. Barrie’s foreword to Flying on the Wings of the Angels of Love:

Many fortunate readers are now treated to a second small collection of sublime, inspirational sayings from the heart and soul of Anne Steinemann, Ph.D. Anne’s remarkable skill has been to focus her entire life on two essential teachings of Jesus: Love God, and Love One Another. So simple, yet so utterly profound. “The most important thing we do is to love,” is Anne’s wise counsel to us all. These uncompromisingly beautiful aphorisms originate from the single uplifting motif of divine love. Anne’s gift has been to tap into the living waters of Jesus and distill the very essence of religion and spirituality, then convincingly present to us, by way of her many stirring sayings, that there is only one thing which matters on this earth: love.

Sample Content:

Remember, you will have many occupations in life, but one vocation: to be loving.

Treasure the journey of life. Learn from it. Take one step at a time. Leave the rest to God.

Jesus loves us, even though the rest of the world may not.

Do not let temporary and earthly circumstances influence your higher purpose.


Purchase Flying on the Wings of Angels of Love on Amazon.

Purchase Love is Like the Universe on Amazon.

Purchase Love is Like the Universe: Special Edition on Amazon (Kindle edition) or the Paperback edition on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Visit Dr. Anne Steinemann’s personal website, which includes many of her scientific publications. Read more about her career and scientific accomplishments on her Wikipedia page.

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